WhatsApp Web is Not Downloading Files

Whatsapp is a vast application. It provides a platform to easily download files, PDFs, images, and videos. But sometimes whatsapp WebWeb doesn’t download files properly. There is a download button available, but if it is not working, then the button will also not work. But at the same time, downloading the same file on mobile whatsapp will work easily. It happens sometimes, but you don’t have to worry because there are many ways to solve this problem.

Many issues can create on whatsapp WebWeb. So you need to overcome all issues, which I will discuss below.

Check internet connection

First of all, you need to check your internet connection. Sometimes you feel that it is working, but for a while, the connection doesn’t work properly, so you are not properly able to save the file. So it is necessary to check your internet connection. I want to tell you one thing on PC internet connection creates issues. I suggest you check the internet at a regular interval.

Restart PC

It is necessary to restart the PC if your internet connection is not working properly. Sometimes if you start again, you’re PC. It starts downloading files.

Time and Date

Your PC time and date can greatly impact not downloading files. It will not download anything if you’re out of date and time. It will show an error. So you should check the date and time of your PC first. If your PC is out of date and time, your browser will not work; it will show an error.

Disable Adblocker

If whatsapp WebWeb is not downloading files, then there is an issue with Adblocker. It is an extension. If you have this extension on your PC, it will create an issue downloading files. If you have this in your system, you need to disable this extension.

Again Log in on Whatsapp

Sometimes whatsapp WebWeb creates issues, so it is necessary to log in again. Some people don’t do that because they feel the login policy will not work again. But this is the best way to remove this problem.

Click on whatsapp settings
Select the Log out option
Click on it
Your whatsapp will Log out automatically
Then click on login again
Start the Log in process
whatsapp will open

After restarting the whatsapp web, it will work properly.

Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

There are many ways to solve the issue regarding whatsapp not downloading files. This method is one of them. Sometimes browser cache and cookies create a problem and don’t allow the files to download, so it is necessary to clear cookies. I am going to tell you how to clear the cache.

Open the chrome and select the option of setting
At the bottom, select the advance option
Select clear browsing
Click on the cookies and cache
Select the clear button
Delete all cookies and cache
Close it and again log in to whatsapp

How to Download Images and Files from whatsapp WebWeb

It is not very difficult o download any image and file from whatsapp web. It is very easy to do that. It would help if you opened whatsapp chat, then images will be available to download. You go and click all to download. They will automatically download to your storage. If we talk about files, there is the same way to download files. I want to tell you one thing: if you want to download videos, then all steps are the same, but videos will take some time to download, so you don’t need to worry.


Whatsapp WebWeb is the most comfortable application on PC. You can easily download images, files, and videos from whatsapp WebWeb, but sometimes it creates an issue. So there are many ways to come over these problems. Whatsapp mobile is the same as whatsapp PC. But on this PC, you need to look at all other things that can cause a problem in downloading. I explain all steps to you in this article, and I hope these steps will clear your mind regarding your concern.

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