Creative Ways to Boost Your Business on WhatsApp

Ways to Boost Your Business on WhatsApp 2022

WhatsApp is the most used application in this entire world people use this application in different ways like transfer of documentation, Professional use, and many other terms.

In the previous article, we learn how to create your short link using WhatsApp, which is a basic tool for promoting and expanding your business on social sites. So, talking over to business expansion, this application is very helpful to inflate your business through WhatsApp.

Last but not least, in this era, you must expand your business, get in touch with your customers, and provide them an easy path toward your brand. So, I can say that WhatsApp provides you with the best platform for the enlargement of your business and easy accessibility for your customers to your brand.

Now I will discuss creative ways to boost your business on WhatsApp but keep that in mind for promoting your business. First, you have to make a business account on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Chabot

It is Automated Software powered by the rules of Artificial Intelligence and runs on WhatsApp. These are automatic generated messages which deal with your customers. Following this software, it talks to humans automatically.

Limitations of WhatsApp Chabot

This software is just for the customer’s services; it permits you to send automated messages to your customers and does not allow you to promote your business.

There are a couple of benefits of using Business WhatsApp. It allows your customers to contact you easily. You can also advertise your brand products and make a catalog of your products for the lenience of your customers and easily boost your business. Some of the benefits are listed below:

Business Profile:

You can make your business profile most efficiently, like your company e-mail address, phone number, etc.

Quick Replies:

With quick replies, you can send and save messages in quick reply. And within no time, you can answer the most asked questions answers within a time by quick reply.

Automated Messages:

This is the most fruitful feature of this application. Humans need some rest and sleep. With this feature, if you are busy or unavailable for your customers, you can create automated messages just like Chabot.

With the expansion of your business, this application allows you to create welcome messages to your customers, which can be directly replayed to your customers within no time in your absence.

Message Statics:

Through this yoke can see your insights that how many messages are sent, read, and delivered.


You can make labels with chats, so finding your customers easily in contacts is easier.

Landline Number:

This is the killer feature of this application. You can easily your business profile on your landline and phone number.

How to reach your audience on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is generally used as a messaging application; people can share their personal information on this application and details of their daily life. So initially, you have to adjust your account in this conversation which is sometimes informal. For this purpose, you need to customize a virtual person acting on your company’s behalf.

So let you want to handle your customer’s support so you can create a unique number for this purpose. Then you can create a real person to manage. You create “Charles from Customer Support” in this way, and busy persons can directly contact this person, consider it a real person, and develop an interest in your brand.

Start Growing your Audience:

You have your contacts with personal numbers, but with this new number, your customers didn’t, so for their leniency, you can share this number on your website button so your customers can easily spot you. So when interest develops now, this is the time to expand your business.

For this purpose, you need to create a group like a normal WhatsApp group. Through this, your customer’s direct contact with each other is the best opportunity provided by this application to grow your business. Broadcast List:

Secondly, it provides you to make a broadcast list. It acts like a bit sending out a newsletter or e-mail to everyone who has your number will direct get the message, and the instant they hit reply, only you can see their replies.

What can you do with the WhatsApp business?

Like normal WhatsApp, you can easily share images. Description audio and catalog of your brand for customer support.

Feedback and Consumer Research:

From side to side in this application, you can create customer feedback and purchaser of your products. When you have a strong relationship with your customers, you can create feedback that can allow your customers to give feedback on your products, and you make variations to your products according to your customers’ requirements and check the productivity of your products.

Reviews and Ratings:

Through this, you can get reviews of your products and rating from your customers.


You can also set reminders for your products like there sure some special offers or discounts on specific products. You can set a reminder from the date of starting and end date. Through this feature, you can promote your special products in the society of your customers.

Other Benefits:

So at the last stage of this article, I conclude some other benefits of using Business WhatsApp. Like you can share some special offers of your products new incoming products specifications of your brand in this way you develop a great and strong interest of your customers in your brand.


In this article, I share all the details to boost your business on WhatsApp. I can say that this is the best platform for the expansion of your business with less cost and huge profit.

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