How to merge two WhatsApp accounts Updated (2022)

Whatsapp is a very popular application in the world. Before WhatsApp, it was very difficult for people to contact easily, but this app makes it look easy to work with. Since the creation of this app, people have changed their communication styles. Whatsapp provides different ways to communicate with friends, family, and others. It provides a platform to share photos, videos, and documents easily. This app has a user-friendly interface, and its beautiful themes attract users. If your friend or family is living abroad, it will provide you with the best way to talk with them.

How to merge two WhatsApp accounts

There is no specific feature in WhatsApp. It does not provide any function for merging two accounts. But some professional methods allow the merging of two WhatsApp accounts. Now I am going to discuss this below.
Suppose you want to merge two WhatsApp accounts, so you read the right article. I will explain you in detail so that you can easily merge.
As you know, it is very difficult to merge two accounts and impossible to transfer conversations on another phone of the same account, but some tricks and tools are available for you.

Syncios Whatsapp Transfer

It is a very special application that can do many tasks regarding WhatsApp. It is a very easy and fast app. People are using this app with full ease.


It can directly merge WhatsApp accounts between two devices
It provides backup of WhatsApp data without any hesitation
Easy and better interface
This program is very compatible with Android and IOS systems.
It helps you to export WhatsApp files
You can also print WhatsApp chats
It allows you to see WhatsApp chats

First, you must download and install this program on a PC or MacBook. There are many fake versions available of this app. So be careful and download the real one. After installing this program, you will open a toolkit in which all tools are available. So if you want to merge two accounts so, open the tool.

You will see the screen and go for your settings. There are many options on the screen, but you will go to the upper right, where you will find an icon. You need to click on it.

So you have done almost everything, and I want to tell you that if you want to merge two WhatsApp accounts, you will have to access a WhatsApp transfer between two devices without any linking.
There will be a mode of WhatsApp account transfer. You need to choose that mode, and another thing is to connect both devices to the computer via Cable and then choose transfer file mode. Allow the USB mode from Android Device.

So now phones are connected in the right manner. You need to check the positions of the devices. One thing I want to tell you is that place the first device on your right and the other on your left and click the transfer. You will be able to merge two WhatsApp accounts.

Whatsapp is a brilliant application for chat, videos, and other purposes, but it does not offer some features. There is no place for these functions in WhatsApp, which is very risky. Sometimes you can lose all your data, which can be very dangerous. So some professional tools provide us an opportunity to do our work. I think I am done now, and it will be easy for you to understand.

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