How to Leave Whatsapp Group Without Notification

Whatsapp is a professional application. It provides different features with a better experience. On the other hand, people want to use this program according to their perspective, but it does not offer some features. It’s not like it is impossible. Some tools can help you to solve your issue regarding WhatsApp.

Many users don’t want to receive notifications. Sometimes more notification makes your phone slow. So that’s why users want to mute notifications of WhatsApp groups. Suppose we talk about Whatsapp groups. Some people are afraid that if they leave a family group, it will leave a notification of you. So that’s why they find it very hard and want to resolve this issue.

Whatsapp is not offering this kind of feature. But some tools will not make you feel bad if you leave the group. Because WhatsApp is a famous chatting application around the world.
So this article will tell you everything regarding your concern.

Whatsapp allows you to chat with your family member and friends. It provides different features like uploading and downloading status, videos, and pictures. You can also make groups of your close friends and family members. It will make relationships more healthy, and you can talk with more people simultaneously in one group.

If you leave the group, it will automatically notify other group members. But some methods can help you to leave the group without showing a notification. But it is not as simple as you think, but I will explain it easily.

How to Leave Whatsapp Group Without Notification

Six Methods:

1) Change the phone Number to new

Suppose you want to know how to leave a WhatsApp group without notification, so the perfect way is to change your phone number. But it is risky and not as much as good.

First of all, open the setting on your phone
Click on it
Then open the WhatsApp
Clear your data from WhatsApp
Your account will automatically delete
But you will show it in a group on WhatsApp
So now you need to replace your phone number with a new one
That’s it. You will leave the group, and no one will get notified.

2) Mute Group Notification

This is also a good way to the mute notification. It provides a platform where you can easily mute notifications of groups. It is not like what you want, but at least you will no longer get notified.

First of all, open the group you want to leave
Then open the menu in the group
Then select the menu bar
Open the mute option
Then select this option
Select the duration of the mute notification
If you select a year, it will mute for a year
There is also an option of week and month.

3) Change Name and Delete Profile Picture

This is the third method, and it is better than other methods. This method does not require you to change your number. As I mentioned in the heading, it provides a platform where you can easily leave the group, and no one will notice.

Change your name
Delete your picture
Go to the menu bar. Everyone knows where is a menu bar
Click on settings
Then go to the profile picture and change both again
After that, leave the group with ease
No one will notice that you left the group

4) Disable Group notification

This is the finest way to mute the notification of leaving the group. If you want to leave the group without any notification, then it is very simple to disable the notification. Whatsapp will not show any notification. A simple way to follow.

Open the setting on your phone
Select the application
Click on the notification menu
Open the menu
Then disable the show notification option
Go to the group and leave it


Whatsapp is a very compatible application as compared to other apps. It allows the users to work easily, but sometimes it does not offer some features. Whatsapp offers features, and they work very well, but if people want to apply more things, then there are some ways to do that. You can apply these methods on WhatsApp to leave the group without notification. I think I am clear now, and I hope that this article will also help you to know How to Leave Whatsapp Group without Notification


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