How to Know If Someone Is Checking Your Whatsapp Messages


Whatsapp is a most useful and outstanding application as compared to other programs. If any app is used the most in the world, its security is fully end-to-end encrypted. But some tricks can be used to check anyone’s whatsapp. This is the main problem, and people want to come over this problem.

I want to tell you one thing if any program is connected to the internet, there will be automatically a possibility of getting hacked.

If you are reading this article, I will tell you about your concern, and this article will help you in future as well.

Steps To Follow

Log in Whatsapp

Suppose you want to know how whatsapp security works. We will start with the login option. There are two methods to log in to whatsapp. One option is to log in to an Android phone, and the other is to log in through whatsapp web.

Both these login methods are safe and legal, and easy to work.

First of all, open whatsapp on your phone
Then go to the setting option
Select whatsapp web
Click on it
After clicking, your camera will be open
So scan the QR code through the camera
So your whatsapp will be open on the PC

If Someone Is Checking Your Whatsapp Messages

Whatsapp is very easy to use and has a quality interface compared to other programs. It is easy to chat and send everything through whatsapp. But as you know, if any app is used, most hackers are also doing what they want. In this step, I will tell you if someone is checking your whatsapp.

First, when you open whatsapp, there is a list of chats. You will see all chats carefully.

If anyone starts to hack your account, he will change your profile information, so first, go for settings and check whether your contact information is perfect or changed.

Select the setting option on the right upper corner of the screen
Open the setting and select the profile option

First of all, read all information about you.

If there is any doubt so, go and secure your account more.

You can use two-step verification.

This security option will provide you with better security.

After that, you will receive a text message from whatsapp

After that, open whatsapp and check all your friends and their chats.

Open the settings in the right corner of the screen.

Select the option of the linked device

Click on it and check how many devices are using your whatsapp account.

If you think that there is an unknown device using your account too.

Then select the device and log out.

How to Enable Two-Step Authentication

WhatsApp is a safe application, but sometimes your account can be used by a third party. He can be a hacker or your family member. But most of the time, a hacker does all things. So if you want to make your account more secure, follow the steps below.

First of all, open the whatsapp
Select the option on the right corner
Go to settings and select the account
There will be an option for two-step authentication
You need to select the option
6 digits code will be sent to your mobile number
Just copy the digit code and select ok
Now whatsapp will always demand a code whenever you will open


Whatsapp is most likely the safest app in the world, but when a program is connected to the internet, the hacker can do something and leak the account. But there are many ways to know if anyone is checking your whatsapp account. I explain all the methods and steps to know everything about your concern. These steps will help you to make your account more secure. I hope that this article will help you in present and future.

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