Jazz Digit 4G Pro Price in Pakistan 2022

Jazz Digit 4G Pro Price in Pakistan

Jazz digit 4G pro is a Pakistan smartphone launched by Jazz. This is a brand new communication technology, including the specification of both touch and keypad technology.

This is a smartphone because you can enjoy social media apps like WhatsApp, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. Moreover, it has Google Maps, Google Assistant, and jazz TV in which you can listen to daily news and enjoy any entertainment.

Jazz Digit 4G SIM

This is a jazz digit 4G Pro. You can use 4G SIM cards. You can create a hotspot by using 4G data. It has dual SIM cards. First, SIM will support the jazz network, and the other will support any Network in Pakistan.

Jazz Digit 4G Pro Price

The reasonable price of Jazz Digit 4g pro is PKR 5750. It’s a very budget-friendly price for a smartphone. It’s an ideal phone for those who can’t buy costly Mobile phones. Those who want a smartphone with dual SIM and social media apps can easily buy Jazz Digit 4G at a very friendly cost.

Mobile Storage

Memory is an important part of a smartphone. Most users firstly check the storage of the mobile. This Jazz Digit 4G Pro has two kinds of storage: internal storage and memory card storage. This Mobile Phone has 4GB internal storage and 16GB SD card storage .you can save all your beautiful memories without hesitancy.

Support WIFI

According to Jazz, 90 million people in Pakistan are not using the internet because of the expensive smartphones. The internet is the basic need of this time, so this Jazz Digit 4G supports WIFI for worldwide connection. Users can easily connect internet on their mobiles, use social media apps, and remain up to date.

Battery life

The duration of Jazz Digit 4G pro is about 2000 mAh. With the support of this large battery timing, users can easily use their social media apps for a large duration.

Social Apps

In this jazz 4G, pro users can use the up-to-date apps with the support of the internet worldwide by millions of people. Users can use social media apps on this mobile phone like youtube, Facebook, TikTok, and WhatsApp. These social media apps can connect the person from around the world. People can get information about the world and keep the person updated.

Extra options

Let’s discuss the other features of the Jazz Digit 4G Pro Mobile Phone. These are the basic options for any mobile phone. This phone has features like Calculator, Flash Light, Radio, Pin Password, Pattern Password, Touch password, and Music.


This phone is absolutely the best for the users at a very reasonable price with all the best quality and entertainment. There are many modern features in it providing the best services.

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