Infinix Touch Check Code

What is Infinix?

Infinix is a smartphone company established in 2013 by Transsion Holdings. Infinix is a Chinese Mobile whose principal office is in Hong Kong. In this fastest world of telecommunication and innovation, Infinix Mobile has made its high value in today’s market Infinix phones are used in most countries.

These phones are easily accessible in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The earliest smartphone brand composed in Pakistan was Infinix Mobile.

These smartphones have many intelligent features and bright devices. Infinix mobile ranked third after Samsung and Huawei. It is an elegantly sketched phone more attentive to intelligent devices. Here is a list of some latest Infinix smart Phones used worldwide. Now I am going to tell you some of the Infinix new models.

List of Infinix Mobile Models

  • Infinix Note 12 Turbo
  • Infinix Note 12 Pro
  • Infinix Note 12
  • Infinix Zero
  • Infinix Hot 4
  • Infinix Hot Note
  • Infinix Zero 4 Plus
  • Infinix Hot 6
  • Infinix Infinix Hot 9 Pro
  • Infinix Hot 11
  • Infinix Note 5
  • Infinix Note
  • Infinix Hot 8

Infinix Touch Check Code

Most user wants to check the touch of android phones. This code will tell you how the touch works, so in this heading, I will tell you the check code of Infinix touch.

The touch code of Infinix is *#*#2664#*#*. You can also check the touch screen version of a smartphone by using this code *#*#2663#*#*.

Other Infinix Check Codes

Firstly I have talked about the touch Check Code of Infinix Mobiles. Now there are many check codes for an android phone; in the following headings, more check codes are mentioned.

Infinix IMEI Check Code

With the help of this code, you can check the IMEI number of Infinix Mobile phones. The code is *#06#.
Infinix Information checks code.

Sometimes user wants to check the information about their phones, like battery and usage statistics. This code will show you the information about your mobile phone. The code is *#*#4626#*#*.

Infinix Bluetooth Check Code

To check the Bluetooth of a smartphone, you can use this code *#*#232331#*#*.

Infinix Reset Code

This code will help you to reset your device. By dialing this code, you can remove all your device data like Photos, Applications, and Videos. The reset code is *#*#7780#*#*.

Infinix Backup Code

The backup code is *#*#273283*255*663282#*#*.

Infinix Audio Check Code

This code will tell you How to check the audio of Infinix Mobile, so here is the code *#*#0289#*#*.

Infinix GPA Check Code

The GPA Check Code of the smartphone is *#*#1472365#*#*. This code will help you to check your GPA.

Camera Check Code

To check all information about the android device’s camera, you can use this code*#*#34971539#*#*.


In this article, I have discussed the INFINIX Mobiles plus different Infinix Mobile Models and the check codes of Infinix. Touch Check Code and also others check codes which are all mentioned above.

These codes will help to check different devices of your android phone. In this article, I also discussed all the information regarding codes of touch and other codes.

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