FM Whatsapp Vs GB Whatsapp:

Whatsapp has become our daily life need for communication. We use whatsapp for messaging, which is a part of our daily life routine. Firstly, I’ll tell you about FM whatsapp and GB whatsapp. These are the alternative versions of the original whatsapp with more highly modified and advanced features that are unavailable on the original whatsapp. These both modified whatsapp make things easy for you. Many people think that FM whatsapp and GB whatsapp have the same features and are like each other, but it’s not true. These are alternatives but are different from each other in many ways and features. When it is about GB whatsapp, we get more advanced and exciting features, but when we are talking about FM whatsapp, it is more feasible and secure. FM has more advanced privacy features than GB.
GB whatsapp is closely similar to the real whatsapp without worrying about security. GB whatsapp uses the same server as the real whatsapp, but GB whatsapp provides more security than that. FM whatsapp is more customizable than GB whatsapp. If you are asking about customization in both the apps, then the FM whatsapp provides more options and functions than GB whatsapp. You can change the double ticks, themes, fonts, and chat bubbles in GB. It also offers to change the contact tabs. But FM offers hundreds of themes to change, but GB also provides themes in a limited number. You can also change the entire app and all the settings in FM whatsapp. And here is the most important function of any whatsapp “privacy” in real whatsapp, we can hide our last seen status and read receipts. But we explore highly advanced features in GB and FM whatsapp related to privacy. Such as, in FM and GB whatsapp, we can show our display photo, last seen and allow phone calls to specific contacts of our choice, hide the online and typing labels while being online, and hide the read receipts. It also has a function to show online for 24 hours, although being offline. In all types of whatsapp, when we copy more than one message, the names and times of sender and receiver are also copies, but in GB whatsapp, you can hide that. In GB, you can also receive a notification when one in your contact changes the display photo. In the ways of privacy, GB offers more functions than FM. Official whatsapp has restrictions on sharing media, such as we can share only 30 images and a full video of 16MB at once. But in GB and FM, we can break these limitations by sharing more images and videos simultaneously.
In the comparison of GB and FM whatsapp, in FM whatsapp, we can send 60 images and a data file bigger than 700MB in a single time using a third party. Still, in GB whatsapp, we can share 90 images, a video of 50MB in size, and an audio file of 100MB at once without using a third party. In GB, we can also share the status for 7 minutes, while in real whatsapp, we can share the status for only 30 seconds. When we are chatting to someone, and the sender deletes the message in simple whatsapp, we cannot recover that, but in FM and GB whatsapp, we can recover the chat by just enabling the recover feature from the settings. FM and GB also come out with a feature of high-resolution images. In simple whatsapp, when we share a high-resolution image, the party line compresses it, but in FM and GB “high-resolution image” function is present in settings and works after enabling. GB whatsapp also provides high security to protect the chats by enabling the passcode. FM keeps on updating, which may result in losing the insecure data, but GB whatsapp takes time before updating. The other very interesting feature about GB and FM is that normally we cannot simultaneously use two whatsapp on a single cell phone. Still, we can use these two whatsapp simultaneously on the same cell phone. After providing many unique and demanding features, both FM and GB whatsapp are still unofficial. They are not available on the play store but can be downloaded from AKP websites.

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