Creating WhatsApp Link For People For Direct Message To You


Beginning with this article, first of all, we talk about the purpose of WhatsApp. In this developing world, WhatsApp is now a prerequisite for every person in daily life. Many people accomplish their tasks through this app, like interchange of business, images, voice recordings, etc. Now we deliberate the main purpose of our article: how we create our WhatsApp link to get in commerce with business clients and customer services. Many people don’t know how to create their WhatsApp link and share it with their social media like Facebook, Instagram, and websites.
This tool of this application is very helpful for people who are doing their business online. Still, occasionally they don’t know how to directly communicate or contact their clients and customers, so the solution to this problem is creating a WhatsApp link. By creating a link, you can share this link as to where you want or as per your requirement. The fruit of this link is that with only one touch to this link, your client will openly communicate with you, and you will be able to share the products and services of your brand and products with your client.
So coming towards the key of this process, I would like to clarify the benefits of this feature. Through this productive tool of this application, you can grow your business on your social media accounts, such as Facebook pages of your brand, same as on Instagram and websites. Additionally, I can say that it can act as a marketing tool for you, have less cost operative, and be considered smart working than hard working.
Now I will confer the main content of this article and how we can create our link through this application. The progression to creating a link is briefly discussed below:
Creating WhatsApp Link For People For Direct Message To You

If you don’t know how to create a link now, you can ongoing from here to follow the directions step by step. If you installed this application creating your link is quite simple.
How to Create Short Link on WhatsApp
Open WhatsApp and navigate to Settings.
Tap Short Link to view the link
Please tap on the link icon, copy the link, and paste it to the message, social accounts, websites, or any other raised area where you want your customers to communicate or contact you.
Note: Remember that anyone can directly contact you where you are sharing this link.
Uses/Advantages of Short Link:
Social Media:
You cannot directly contact the customers of your brand, so this is important that your link is perceptible to the social media profiles so your customers can easily contact you concerning their requirements.
With your active social media accounts, you can also this short link to your accounts and provide an easy route for your customers to connect with your accounts and directly in contact with you.
Business Page:
After Completing your business WhatsApp account, there is abundant opportunity to appear in your Google search as your business account or brand name. So if you share this short link to these accounts, your customers can easily deal with you, and you can sell your products directly to the customers instead of comprising a third party.
There are many other platforms for promoting your business through your short link and earning a huge profit on only one tap.
When you share your link to different platforms, then with the advantage, there will be a risk at the same time, many hackers and spam have easy access to reach out to you. Make eye contact with your messages for safety purposes and be aware of spammers. We recommend you link shortener like Through this, you can obscure your account.
Connect WhatsApp to Jivo:
WhatsApp Business allows customers to reach companies directly. However, sometimes agents are busy answering a text in real-time.
Connecting your WhatsApp with jivo is a step toward securing your brand and messages. Using jivo, your messages will be directly sent by jivo, not your employer’s phone.
In this article, I propose the best and most dependable methods of WhatsApp to grow your business and define the best possible solutions for your customers and the advertisement of your brand by creating your short link. At the same stage where you can get handsome profit through this feature of WhatsApp, you have to be aware of scammers and hackers because they can also have easy access to you. I suggest a link shortener like

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