Change Normal WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp

Switch From Normal WhatsApp To GBWhatsApp Without Losing Your Chats

Whatsapp is a famous application in the chatting world. It provides a better platform to talk to your relatives, friends, and family members. People want to use this app because of its attractive features compared to other messaging apps.

Today in the world, almost 80 percent of people give importance to WhatsApp. A few months ago, this brilliant application was sold to social media. Media added many functions to the app. You can call, voice, and chat with your beloved ones.

There is no doubt WhatsApp provides you with better functions than other applications. There are some shortcomings of WhatsApp as you cannot use the app as per your requirements. But there is a solution if you want to specialize the WhatsApp then you have the option of GB WhatsApp.

This app will provide you with more functionality and features than simple WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is an outstanding application for Whatsapp users. It provides you with a platform where you can easily use more and more functions of WhatsApp.

Features of GB Whatsapp

You can Auto Reply Provide quality security You can hide or freeze you are last seen as well. You can save the status of anyone. It provides the possibility of sending large files. You can enhance the name of the group.

You can specialize in the application font size and style. Easily copy status It allows for sending larger audio and video files. Customize the style of chat You can change the themes of conversion.

These are the main features of GB WhatsApp. That’s why now a day’s, GB WhatsApp is using more than simple WhatsApp because it provides all the customized features to its users.

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp

If GB WhatsApp is good for use but has some shortcomings as well, you need to know about all its disadvantages WhatsApp. Mostly possibility of getting banned You will have to update the application yourself. It doesn’t offer backup to Google drive. These are some shortcomings of GB WhatsApp.

The solution is to switch from normal WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is getting more attention than simple WhatsApp because of its blistering features. Users want to make changes to WhatsApp as per their requirements, so GB WhatsApp provides them with many functions. So I will tell you how to convert WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp.

Steps to switch WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp without losing Chats

First of all, I want to tell you that if you have a backup on WhatsApp, you will not lose any data after switching. So I am going to discuss this below. First, open your device’s file manager, open the store, and look for the WhatsApp folder.

Then change the name of the WhatsApp folder from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp. When you open the folder, there will be a media folder. Then open this folder. After this, you will find more folders like WhatsApp video and WhatsApp audio. Then rename all folders to GB WhatsApp.

After changing the name of all folders to GB WhatsApp, open the app, and the app will provide you a backup, and you need to restore it. Your chat will easily remain saved in GB WhatsApp. These are the few steps that will help you store your chats after switching from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp.


In this article, I explain WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp as well. These are the main useful applications in the world right now. GB WhatsApp is a customizable application.

That’s why people want to use this app very much. In this article, I will tell you about switching WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp without losing chats.

I hope this article will help you convert and store your chat. I suggest you read these paragraphs carefully. I explain all steps to store the chats and files in all lines.

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