Cement Price in Pakistan

Cement Price in Pakistan?

Cement is the most used construction material in Pakistan. It is an essential construction material. Without cement, you cannot build a house. Nowadays, the rate of cement is increasing daily, and it is becoming challenging for builders to make houses. In this article, I will discuss the cement price in Pakistan today, 2022.

What is Cement?

Cement is a construction material that is used to solidify the material together. Cement is in the form of powder. It is a combination of different substances. With the cement, you can bind the stones and bricks together.

Cement made up of

Cement comprises different substances such as limestone, clay, aluminum, and iron. It includes many other materials such as shells, clay, shale, and furnace blast.

Types of Cement

There are many types of cement worldwide, but we will discuss some of its essential types.

Hydraulic cement

Hydraulic cement combines different substances such as limestone, clay, and gypsum. This type of cement hardens in the existence of water.

Non Hydraulic cement

This is a different type of cement. It doesn’t need water to get solidify. It reacts with carbon dioxide to make things happen.

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

It is mainly used cement in construction works. This type of cement consists of two materials like aluminum and iron. It also contains calcium silicate. It is used primarily in masonry works.

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

It is a natural type of cement with a large amount of Silica in a reactive shape. Its composition consists of different substances such as OPC, gypsum, volcanic ash, etc.

Raw Materials

Portland cement is made up of crucial compounds of Lime blended with aluminum and Silica. Raw materials like Silica, sand, iron oxide(composed of iron and oxygen), and bauxite(it’s a reddish clay material known as laterite soil)

Hold hydrated aluminum possibly used in a trivial amount to obtain a demanded composition. Calcareous and argillaceous raw materials are also used in making cement.

  1. Calcareous raw materials are limestone, chalk, coral, and shell deposits.
  2. Argillaceous raw materials are Clays, shales, estuarine muds, and slates.
  3. Gypsum: 5% gypsum is added during grinding. Gypsum is used to control the setting time of cement.

Both Marl ( a fine-grained mineral) and Cement Rock hold the properties of argillaceous and calcareous components.

One more raw material is blast furnace slag, Which contains mainly Lime, Silica, and alumina and is assorted with calcareous material. Kaolin, a white clay, holds a little iron oxide, used as argillaceous material to obtain white Portland cement.

Industrial wastes are raw materials used in smaller quantities, such as fly ash and calcium carbonate, obtained from chemical manufacturing.

The combined process with Sulphuric Acid uses calcium sulfate and anhydrite in place of calcium carbonate to make Portland cement. Flue gases on burning give sulfur dioxide, which is changed to sulphuric acid by a simple process.

Manufacture of cement:

The manufacturing process of cement consists of wet and dry processes, and it depends on the following factors

  • Physical conditions of the material
  • Condition of the factory
  • Plus the price of the fuel.

Wet process: in the wet process, raw materials are crushed and mixed in the presence of water to make a Slurry.in Pakistan, different factories use a wet process

Dry process: in the dry process, raw materials are mixed in the absence of water and sent into the kiln.
There are four stages in the manufacturing of cement

  1. Firstly crush and grind the raw materials
  2. Secondly, blend the raw materials
  3. Burn the mixture in a kiln
  4. Grind that burned product
  5. Then add 5%of gypsum to it

Crushing and grinding process:

Raw materials are firstly crushed into a suitable state, often in two stages, and then ground in the presence of water, generally in rotating cylindrical balls or tube mills carrying a charge of steel balls.

Blending the raw material:

The powdered limestone is mixed with the clay paste in a proper proportion (75% limestone and 25% clay) and then ground properly.

The final mixture is called slurry, and the slurry contains 35 to 45% water, frequently strained to reduce the water content from 20 to 30%, and the filler cakes are reserved in storage bins—this lower the fuel consumption for the heating stage.

Burning the mixture in a kiln:

The prepared slurry is fed into the rotatory kiln. the rotatory kiln consists of a large cylinder
12 to 15 feet in diameter and 300 to 500 feet in length. It is constructed of steel and is lined inside the firebricks. The kiln rotates horizontally on its axis at 1-2 revolutions per minute.

Whenever the kiln rotates, charges start moving downward. Heating the bills by using natural gas, burning coal, and oil now these charges passed through the different temperature zones. Orders take 2-3 hours to complete the process.

Grinding the clinkers:

The clinkers are then air-cooled then the desired amount of fine powdered gypsum is added to the clinkers. At this point, the finished cement expands to the storage soils from where the glue is transmitted to the paper bags.

  1. Different Prices of Cement in Pakistan
  2. Cement price in Pakistan = 900-1000
  3. Cement rate today =900-1000
  4. Cement price in Pakistan 2021 =500-600
  5. Dg cement price in Pakistan =1050
  6. Cement rate today Lahore = 1130
  7. Cement price in Pakistan 2022 = 510
  8. Bestway cement price in Pakistan today =1020-1025
  9. Cement rate today Rawalpindi = 800
  10. Cement bag price in Pakistan = 410
  11. Falcon cement price in Karachi 2022 =820
  12. Cement rate today Islamabad =940-950
  13. Maple leaf cement price =1470-1500
  14. Fauji cement price in Pakistan today = Rs1030
  15. White cement price in Pakistan =1470 -1500
  16. Cement rate today faislabad = Rs1050
  17. Lucky cement price =1030-1040
  18. Pioneer cement price today =1040
  19. Maple leaf cement price today =1047-1500
  20. Cherat cement price in Pakistan today =1040-1045
  21. Askari cement price =1040
  22. Pakcem cement price =1050-1055
  23. Fauji cement price =1030
  24. Dewan cement price per bag today =900-1000
  25. Fecto cement price =1030-1100


In this article, we discussed cement, types of cement, raw materials of the cement, the whole glue manufacturing process, and the adhesive’s wet process.

In Pakistan, the damp process used by the factories for manufacturing cement is primarily. In addition, we discussed the prices of cement in Pakistan.

Different costs of cement in other cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Faislabad, Karachi, Islamabad, and so on, and the different prices of varying cement companies of Pakistan.

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